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The ducts are typically located in attics and crawlspaces which are outside the heated or cooled spaces of the house.
Ducts in these locations not only leak air to and from these areas, but any heat lost in winter or gained in summer through the walls of the duct is also wasted energy instead of heating and cooling the house. If your duct system is poorly sealed and insulated, sealing and improving its insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Air leakage from your air duct to your entire house can increase heating and cooling costs to over 30% and contribute to comfort & health problems for the homeowners.

  Air Conditioning Duct Repair

The inside of your ductwork is a place you just never see. But just like every other place in your house, it gets dirty over time and needs to be cleaned periodically. Since your heated and cooled air passes through the ductwork it can be affected by excessive dirt and that, in turn, can affect your health.

attic ductwork Homes with central heating and air-conditioning systems rely on ductwork to distribute warmed or cooled air throughout the house. Today's ductwork consists of insulated flexible tubes that snake across the attic floor or under the house. Unfortunately, heating ducts are out of sight and therefore out of mind

If its duct system is poorly designed or poorly installed, a house will waste energy, no matter how well insulated it may be, or how efficient its furnace and air conditioner are. That's why it's a good idea to have your duct system examined for leaks, blockages, and just poor design

Many heating ducts are metal, so they conduct noise quite readily from the air-handling unit to your rooms. To break the conduction of sound, you can hire our professional heating certified contractor to insert flexible insulation ductwork between the heat pump and the ductwork runs.

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